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♥ If your tears are falling,
makes your smile more shining ♥

Hola, tumblr dedicado a mi ultimate bias: IU ♥
Nombre: 아이유 / IU | Nombre Real: 이지은 / Lee Ji Eun
1993-May-16 - 21 años (En Corea)
Cantante Solista | Actriz | Nation's Little Sister



[FANCAFE] From.IU - Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms
Other than me, everyone else is in love. I’m singing a spring song as flowers bloom. (Not sure about the rest)
This is part of the lyrics for ‘Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms’. Of course, this isn’t my handwriting (you guys know my handwriting right..?) Now that my Hong Kong schedule is over, I’m going to focus on supporting High4 keke I’ll just be honest! and go straight to promoting them. They’re not in the same agency as me, they’re my precious, talented and kind friends. Please help us, everyone. Our Kim Sunggu-ssi especially, he’s a good person.. hmm? hmm? You’ll help right?? My uaenas will help right?? with that and some whine + throw tantrum + desperate + request + promote. Everyone, please give your support to High4!! If you support High4, they’ll receive energy and I’ll work harder on this year’s activities too!!
Translated by squishy with love

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